CbL (Colors by llarowe) has realized continual growth over the last several years due to your amazing support!  Your support means the world to me and it is humbling and exciting to know that my creations are worn on nails all over the world.  This growth needs to be met with actions that will benefit you as a customer.  As of March 1, 2018, I will be concentrating on wholesale operations solely and will not be sellng through llarowe.com in the retail market.  


Due to many things that are happening with the brand that are coming down the road I have decided to turn the retail portion of llarowe/CbL over to Color4Nails.  I will still be the creator of CbL and have complete control over the product and it's creation but will no longer have the retail site llarowe.com for retail sales of my products.  Beginning March 1, 2018, you will be able to purchase CbL products in the USA throught Color4Nails website.  All current international stockists will continue to offer CbL products and that will not change.  I will be adding new international stockists in the markets we currently do not serve as well.  I am excited that Color4Nails has decided to take over the USA retail sales and feel that this will provide our customers with convenient ordering and provide contained shipping costs as they continue to rise.  Please help me in welcoming Color4Nails as CbL's exclusive US stockist and retailer.


A few things that need to be addressed before llarowe.com shuts down operations are Gift Cards and Rewards Points.  I do want to honor all outstanding gift cards as well as Rewards Points and will be reopening the llarowe.com website upon the completion of all current orders in house.  I am estimating the site will reopen on February 17th and will remain open until 11:59pm MST on February 28, 2018 to enable you to use your Gift Cards and Rewards Points.  I will be posting and update on Facebook and sending emails to alert you to our reopening.  Please note that any Gift Cards and Rewards Points must be used by February 28, 2018, at 11:59pm MST as llarowe.com will be put into vacation mode.  As of February 28, 2018, at 11;59pm MST there will be option to use your Gift Cards of Rewards Points as they will not carry over to the Color4Nails website.  All customer service will be handled by Color4Nails beginning March 1, 2018.


I have so enjoyed these years of llarowe and the many friends I have made!  It has been like family instead of customer relationships.  I will "be around" and see many of you at upcoming polish events as I will be there along with Color4Nails representing CbL.  Events we will be attending will be announced on the Color4Nails Facebook page as well as the llarowe Facebook page.  Anissa will continue posting to the llarowe Facebook page and Bea will still be running Instagram and that is not going to change.  I will still be handing out in the CbL Facebook fan groups and spreading the cheer!  So much will remain the same and I think you will be pleased with what is to come!


I appreciate you all and expect this will be a smooth transition for everyone!  Thank you for your continued support over the years and for many more years to come!


Leah Ann LaRowe


A few question that have come up and their answers:


1)  Will the price of CbL polishes increase on the Color4Nails website?  No.  I have worked with Color4Nails to offer the exact same pricing as you have enjoyed on the llarowe site.


2)  Will the full catalog of CbL polishes be offered on the Color4Nails site? Yes, all CbL polishes will be offered.


3)  Will CbL still have Polish of the Month offered? Yes. I will continue to make the POTM and it will be offered on the Color4Nails website.


4)  Will you continue to be in special additions such as Polish Pick Up, Hella Holo Customs and Shimmer Box?  Yes.  Nothing will change on those venues and CbL polishes will continue to be offered by those sites.  


5)  Will there be any way to get ahold of you after Color4Nails takes over the retail sales?  Yes.  I have already secured an email dedicated to CbL questions and concerns and will be publishing that email upon closure of the llarowe.com site.  You may continue to reach me on the Contact Us page until March 1, 2018 with any question or concerns until that time.


6)  Will CbL fan groups still exist?  Yes.  All current CbL fan groups on Facebook will continue to exist and I will be participating as I always have and continuing special giveaways, etc.


7)  Will CbL continue to do charity polishes?  Yes.  Color4Nails has graciously offered to continue my charity work with polishes and proceeds will continue going to the charities the polishes benefit.


As new questions come up I will be updating the questions section.  Check back for more info!