About Llarowe

Llarowe was started in January 2011 by our founder, Leah Ann LaRowe. Leah Ann was passionate about nail polish, but realized it was difficult for people to obtain beautiful polishes from around the world. She wanted to create a way for customers to purchase internationally, without all the hassle and expense.

We began as a one woman operation on a kitchen table, ordering nail polish from around the globe and packaging it up to re-ship to anyone who wanted it.

Business quickly expanded, and Leah Ann soon noticed a whole new market in the world of nail polish: independent nail polish, handmade by talented artists on a small scale. We added our first independent line to the store in October 2011 and we've been growing ever since!  Still hoping to see polishes she was daydreaming about CbL was created to provide those polishes and is now the primary function of llarowe.com.  


As the first online shop of its kind, we pride ourselves on fast shipping, low prices, and the best in customer service. We always want you to feel like a part of the family!

Leah Ann Larowe